«Hartswood International Limited», being one of the leaders in the field of innovations and advanced technologies, is actively engaged in investment activities in manufacturing sphere. Our specialists perform thorough analysis of the market and production infrastructure of a separate branch, develop long-term business strategy and use all opportunities for effective project implementation in order to achieve maximum efficiency of investments. Particular attention is paid to those areas of industry currently the most promising for general development of industrial potential of the country.


The most influent factors directly affecting on the efficiency of «Hartswood International Limited» investment policy are the following:

– use of innovative technologies in accordance with international quality standards;
– thorough analysis of economic efficiency of projects at a stage of preliminary preparation;
– cooperation with foreign manufacturers on supply of advanced equipment;
– great experience and high qualification of the Company’s employees;
– desire to reduce project implementation costs by searching for optimal business decisions;
– count and study of uncertainty and risk factors for different kinds of financial or production-technical operations;
– favorable investment climate.


The main purpose of investment activities of the Company is gradual modernization of different industrial sectors of domestic industry through implementation of strategically important projects.


Large-scale operations on foundation of ООО «Bektemir Go’sht Kombinati» – automated slaughterhouse and primary meat and skin processing in Bektemir district of Tashkent region are currently under way as a part of this strategy. Production capacity of the plant will allow to produce up to 13 000 tons of beef and up to 3 000 tons of sheep and goats meat. Slaughtering and meat processing at the plant will be carried out in compliance with traditional ritual requirements. This project will establish cooperative production links in “breeding – slaughtering and meat processing – production of meat products and leather goods” chain.


In addition, it is planned to establish pharmaceutical company – ООО «Zomin Pharm» in Zaamin district of Jizzakh region for production of medicines and food supplements based on herbs growing on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Developing of production of liquid dosage forms (tinctures on the base of medicinal herbs, alcohol solutions) and tablet dosage forms that can be a good alternative to imported medicines on the domestic market is provided at the initial stage of operation of the business. We consider a possibility of development of manufacturing technology of unique dosage forms previously not produced in the country in long-term period.

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