Minutes of the meeting of the Cabinet Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 04.14.2015 №30 is planned to create a network of mini-complexes for slaughtering and primary processing of meat and hide within the state program of modernization of the industrial potential of the country for the period 2015-2019 years. Implementation of this initiative will give a powerful boost to the meat and tanning industries of the republic and will establish close cooperation between industrial enterprises in the chain of “cattle breeding – meat and hide processing – manufacture of meat products and leather goods.”
Under this decision, Hartswood International Limited acts as an initiator of the production of livestock for slaughter and primary processing of meat and skins in Bektemir district of Tashkent region. Functioning of the enterprise allows to produce up to 13 000 tons of beef and up to 3 000 tonnes of meat of mutton and goats per year. Usage of advanced imported equipment will ensure compliance of products with international sanitary and quality standards. The technological process shall be carried out with a minimum of manual labor through the use of automated control systems. A significant role in the primary meat processing plays a strict veterinary control at every stage of production. To ensure the safe storage of products cold stores with instant shock cooling to -18 degrees Celsius are provided.
Currently all preliminary geological work in the territory of the site have already been carried out, necessary project documentation and approval of the relevant authorities have already been received. Being negotiated the supply of equipment for the automated slaughter and processing of meat and skins with foreign producers. In addition, construction work on the arrangement of the production area and the construction of auxiliary and amenity rooms are initiated. Automated slaughtering workshop is planned to be constructed from metal structures and sandwich panels.




“Bektemir Go’sht Kombinati” block flow diagram

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