“Hartswood International” company is currently founding “Zomin Pharm” pharmaceutical enterprise in Zaamin district of Jizzakh region so as to organize production of medicines and food supplements based on herbs growing in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Herbal potential of the country has more than 500 species of wild and farmed types of flora containing medicinal ingredients and substances. However, most of the drugs produced from natural raw materials at the moment are phytoproducts manufactured by pre-washing, crushing and packaging. Technology of deep processing of herbs by extraction and filtering, as well as continued use of the products obtained in creation of complex products seems very perspective for our company.

Area of land in Zaamin district of Jizzakh region is already selected and investigated for building purposes production, project documentation is prepared and construction work is started. It is planned to create the following objects on the construction site:
– workshop for production of herbal medicines (tinctures, solutions)
– production plant for solid dosage forms;
– storage facilities for raw materials and finished products;
– reception and storage unit for water and alcohol;
– water treatment and purification system in accordance with pharmaceutical standards;
– office building;
– quality control laboratory;
– transformer substation and other general work facilities;


Workshops are planned to be built using metal structures and sandwich panels. Negotiations for supply of imported equipment for extraction and tablet production line, and auxiliary equipment for workshops are currently underway. It is planned to complete start-up and commissioning works, and release of drugs at industrial level in 2016.

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