Technological process includes the production of yarn from cotton fiber and production of knitted fabric. IV – V type of cotton, I-II variety are commonly used as a raw materials.


1. Cotton fiber arrives from the warehouse and goes to the Blowroom opening and cleaning department equipped with Trutzschler machines. Cotton bales are compressed as the beams are decreased to the least and cleared of refuse and foreign matters with minimal loss and damage. In order to produce uniform quality of yarn produced blending fibers of different varieties and types. Different types and sorts of cotton fiber are being mixed, so the quality of yarn is steady.


2. Purified fiber goes to a carding machine where it is opened, micropollutants are eliminated, knots are untangled, short fibers are remove, and tape is formed. Fibers are straightened and parallelized along the tape axis. As a result, the degree of fibers uniformity increases. Then cotton tapes are under processing on combing machines.


3. Combing machines are used in order to leave the specified quantity of short fibers, impurities, and also to remove tape lumps and produce most uniform cotton tape. Tape goes on drawing frames, where it is re-parallelized and leveled. Operations of rinsing, bleaching, mixing, and pressing of tapes are also being implemented here.


4. Produced tape is usually pretty rough, and before served to the spinning equipment it has to be softened on roving frames. Finished rovings comes to the ring spinning machine.


5. While being spinned rovings are twisted and rotated on ring frames. Torsion processes continues until the rovings correspond the required fineness according to the set number. The finished yarn is wound on a bobbin and fed to the winding frame.


6. Winding machine improves the uniformity of the yarn, making winding on cones with minimum loss of quality.


7. Packaging of finished products is carried out by trucks, winding equipment and enters the unit of ultraviolet radiation, where quality control is being executed.

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